Stephenson Printing INC: Services

From 1,000 to approximately 10,000 copies of a multi-page product or 100,000 copies of a flat product, Stephenson’s sheetfed presses would be the suitable choice. Printing anywhere from 1 to 8 colors in-line with the option for varnish or aqueous coating, Stephenson's sheetfed presses are the workhorses of the industry. Able to print flat sheets up to 26” x 40” and paper weighing up to 140 lbs. or more, these high-speed presses can accommodate an extremely wide variety of products.

Stephenson  Printing is the  first printer in North America to  install a 7-unit ManRoland HiSpeed HiPrint press!  Now our customers are taking advantage of the new technologies including automatic plate changing and precise register from the first sheet to the last.  The  short make-ready time complement both quality and high-speed production. Because of the fast make ready, it also saves a tremendous amount of paper that normally would be part of your waste factor. The time and cost savings have been significant for every customer whose jobs have printed on it.  

ManRoland 700 HiSpeed HiPrint Press

The perfect ink distribution and a press speed of 18,000 sheets per hour (faster than sheetfed presses you are commonly used to), you'll know you have seen the future when you've seen this press!  We're printing greener, printing faster and saving our customers' time and money.