Stephenson Printing INC: Services

For twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours quick-turnaround press runs, Stephenson’s digital presses are ideal. Unlike many digital presses, Stephenson’s digital presses are capable of not only printing typical digital flat products such as cards, flyers, letters, and posters but also printing multiple-page products such as brochures, booklets and newsletters. By taking advantage of the added capability of these presses to vary the data as they are printing, you can target specific individuals or groups by having the presses change out text and/or images on each or as many pieces as you wish (and with no traditional plate changes as you would need on a sheetfed press).


HP Indigo 5000 Variable Data Press

Truly exciting, however, is the fact these presses can also address each piece while printing, thereby allowing the finished pieces to go directly from the press to the mail handler!